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C1481   Abstract Aftermath
C1217   Abstract Anxiety
C1738   Abstract Chaos
C1366   Abstract Glass
C1191   Abstract Splatters
C1391   Africa Mountain
C1780   Alive and Well
C1768   All Is Well
C1757   Along The Water
C1764   Arctic Mountain
C1187A   Asian Diamond - 3D Wood Piece
C1351   Asian Trees
C1232   Autumn Day Dream
C1779   Away From The Light
C1216   Baby Blue Stripes
C1499   Bacchus
E1701   Beaded Entry **ULTRA-GLOSS**
C1445   Before The Fall
C1688   Best Shared
C1410   Big Mess
C1545   Bite the Dust
C1021   Black Itsy Red
C1707   Blazing Sails
C1787   Bleeding River
C1324   Blissful Breeze
C1727   Blood and Silver
C1127A   Blood Rings
C1251   Blooming Big
C1171   Blooming Branches
C1205   Blue Blunder
C1773   Blue Dusk
C1358   Blue Mountain
C1288A   Bobbys World
C1377   Bright Lights
C1196   Brown Box Swirls
C1502   Brunello di Montalcino
C1173   Brushed Blocks
C1405   Bubble Gum
C1694   Burgundy Paradise
C1540   Butterfly Effect
C1430   By The Seashore
C1074A   Chardonnay Stars
C1181   Checkered Squares
C1218   City At Sunset
C1227   Classic Landscape
C1465   Cloudy Overpass
C1786   Colorful Crayons
C1372   Contemporary Collage
C1714   Contemporary Confusion
C1244   Contemporary Stitching
C1776   Country Flowers
C1506   Country Lake
C1189   Crafty Arts
C1771   Crimson and Clover
C1042   Crimson Glow
C1415   Dancing Divas
C1282A   Dancing In The Rain
C1234A   Dancing With The Stars
C1292A   Day At The Pool
C1431   Diamond Sunset
C1690   Dinner For Two
C1687   Dinner Party
C1482   Dive Team
C1224   Don't Get Lost
C1756   Dream Come True
C1060   Dropping Gold
C1526   Emerald Tiles
C1368   Evergreen Avenue
C1491   Eye See You
C1791   Face Your Fears
C1180   Fade To Orange
C1748   Farm Puppies
C1444   Female Figures
C1113A   Fire & Ice
C1534   Fire Flying
C1772   First Sight
C1783   Fleur de Lis
C1495   Floral Festival
C1777   Floral Forest
C1184A   Floral Message - 3D Wood Piece
C1066   Flowers On Pearl
C1022   Forever Flowers
C1201   Four What It's Worth
C1761   Free Falling Down
C1176   Friends Forever
C1790   Frightened Fish
C1349   Frosted Ice
C1426   Gateway to the West
C1789   Giant Giraffes
C1695   Glass Half Empty
C1297A   Glass Mountain
C1197   Gold Medals
C1399A   Gold Metals - 3D Wood Piece
C1435   Golden Lillies
C1542   Great Expectation
C1420   Guess Where
C1067   Guitar Hear Oh
C1679   Half Full
1035   Hand-Blown Glass Art 11" X 17" X 8"
1031   Hand-Blown Glass Art 13" Dia X 13" Tall
1015   Hand-Blown Glass Art 15" Dia X 15" Tall
1009   Hand-Blown Glass Art 15" Dia X 5" Tall (THIS PIECE CAN HANG ON WALL - FREE WALL MOUNT INCLUDED)
1012   Hand-Blown Glass Art 16" Dia X 11" Tall
1020   Hand-Blown Glass Art 16" Dia X 11" Tall
1013   Hand-Blown Glass Art 16" Dia X 12" Tall
1018   Hand-Blown Glass Art 16" Dia X 15" Tall
1021   Hand-Blown Glass Art 17" Dia X 12" Tall
1010   Hand-Blown Glass Art 17" Dia X 6" Tall (Hangs on the Wall)
1023   Hand-Blown Glass Art 18" Dia X 7" Tall
1025   Hand-Blown Glass Art 19" Dia X 7" Tall
1026   Hand-Blown Glass Art 19" Dia X 7" Tall
1004   Hand-Blown Glass Art 19" Dia X 7" Tall (THIS PIECE CAN HANG ON WALL - FREE WALL MOUNT INCLUDED)
1027   Hand-Blown Glass Art 19" Dia X 8" Tall
1028   Hand-Blown Glass Art 19" Dia X 8" Tall
1011   Hand-Blown Glass Art 20" Dia X 10" Tall
1029   Hand-Blown Glass Art 20" Dia X 7" Tall
1030   Hand-Blown Glass Art 20" Dia X 7" Tall
1014   Hand-Blown Glass Art 7" Dia X 19" Tall
1032   Hand-Blown Glass Art 7" Dia X 20" Tall
C1516   Heavenly View
C1741   Hill Top Shade
C1122A   Hot Revolver
C1141   Ice Cream Cake
C1289A   In The Shade
C1778   Into The Sky
C1378   It Never Ends
C1762   Jolly Green Giant
C1596   Jungle Jumble
C1295A   Jungle Slide
C1242   Lavender Flowers
C1115   Lilac Leaves
C1388   Lonely Boats
C1464   Lonely Forest
C1515   Lonely In December
C1760   Lonely Lights
C1130   Lonely Trees
C1537   Lonely Zebra
C1781   Long Forgotten
C1228   Losing Balance
C1533   Lost at Sea
C1769   Luxury Lake
C1693   Majestic Merlot
C1294A   Make It Rain
C1532   Making a Splash
C1393   Middle Earth
C1452   Midnight Mayhem
C1432   Midnight Moon
C1549   Mind That Horse
C1150A   Missing Links
C1083   Modern Impressions
C1731   Modern Lines
C1245   Modern Mayhem
C1193A   Moonlit Toast
C1704   Morning After
C1550   Mud Runner
C1785   Muddled Memories
C1624   New Arrival - Bronze Smoke
C1595   New Arrival - Caramel Wave
C1664   New Arrival - Cherry Wine
C1576   New Arrival - Diamond Cut
C1583   New Arrival - Dropping Down
C1575   New Arrival - Fine Lines
C1654   New Arrival - Floating Paradise
C1582   New Arrival - Flower Frame
C1584   New Arrival - Geometric Splash
C1665   New Arrival - Gravity Spill
C1672   New Arrival - Halloween Matrix
C1579   New Arrival - Messy Madness
C1587   New Arrival - Safari Squares
C1655   New Arrival - Safari Steps
C1580   New Arrival - Safari Sunset
C1670   New Arrival - Scarlet and Silver
C1660   New Arrival - Scarlet Snakes - FREE - Black Modern Frame
C1581   New Arrival - Straighter Sideways
C1673   New Arrival - Swirls and Squares
C1578   New Arrival - Watercolors
C1607   New Arrival -Abstract Animal
C1628   New Arrival -All Torn Up
C1602   New Arrival -Better with Age
C1648   New Arrival -Blocking the Sun
C1616   New Arrival -Bronze and Brass
C1592   New Arrival -Classic Rock
C1630   New Arrival -Cobalt Creme
C1646   New Arrival -Colorful Thoughts
C1625   New Arrival -Creepy Hand
C1637   New Arrival -Floating City
C1612   New Arrival -Hypnose
C1619   New Arrival -Inkblot
C1608   New Arrival -Lonely Lilies
C1650   New Arrival -Overgrown
C1643   New Arrival -Platinum Blood
C1638   New Arrival -Quench Your Thirst
C1639   New Arrival -Random Rectangles
C1621   New Arrival -Refill
C1614   New Arrival -Roller Coaster
C1640   New Arrival -Silver Slice
C1647   New Arrival -Silver Swirls
C1636   New Arrival -Star Flower
C1644   New Arrival -White and Wheat
C1610   New Arrival -Wishing Weeds

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