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Fruit Canvas Wall Art

Fruit Canvas thrives on the premise of naturalistic style, based entirely on the painter’s observation of bounties of nature such as a fruit. Apart from the representative significance attached to the concept of a “fruit”, the apparent beauty of a fruit has quite logically earned it the position of being a subject of a canvas. The shades of color, the uniqueness of shape and content bring out the pristine beauty embedded in nature. Painters are able to replicate the beauty of nature through their brushstrokes. A painter spends countless hours thinking about the colors, the brushstroke, and on every other minute to match the beauty of nature. For a fruit canvas, it is especially difficult for the painter to match the colors of nature. If one imagines a picture of fresh oranges on a breakfast table by the side of a window, the wall art painter would concentrate on the minute details such as the shade of color to reflect portion of oranges with the sunlight bouncing on it. The painter knows that these details bring out the brilliance and the vivid realism. Fruit canvas often mesmerizes the viewer with the power of simplicity. Fruit is a symbol of life and prosperity. It can sustain life and contains the seed of life. It symbolizes a new beginning. A Fruit canvas often is able to live up to the concept showcasing the raw beauty of nature. Fruit Canvas such as Perfect Pears, signifies freshness in ‘refreshing colors’. The pears hold the secret to realism and prosperity. The three pears imply the various perspectives and thoughts that blend together into great emotions. The uniqueness about this painting is to use shades of beige instead of yellow to draw the background. This brings better clarity and focus to the main theme and also is a great food for thought to the observers. Fruit canvas belongs to a very popular genre of painting. Fruit paintings have been appreciated by art lovers for generations. These paintings add a refreshing look and a different edge to one’s home decor, be it your living room, dining area or kitchen.